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Ford Maverick Owners: Is A Cat-Back Exhaust System Worth It?

Getting an upgraded cat-back exhaust system for your truck can enhance your performance and produce a great sound. But only if you get a high-quality system. Some truck enthusiasts are worried about excessive noise. Then there’s poor fitment and the dreaded drone that all too often accompanies aftermarket exhausts.

Ford Maverick catback exhaust

At Thermal R&D Performance, we have been producing and perfecting aftermarket exhausts for decades. We develop solutions to common issues that still trip up our competitors. For instance, we recently upgraded our Ford Maverick exhaust system offerings to include AWD and FWD configurations.

Installing one of our cat-back exhaust systems is one of the best upgrades you can do on your Ford Maverick. In this article, we will explain just why that is.

What's The Difference Between A Stock Exhaust And A Cat-Back Exhaust On The Maverick?

Truck manufacturers design stock exhaust systems to meet a broad range of requirements, including production costs. Additionally, stock systems need to appeal to a wide range of buyers, many of whom are not concerned with performance or sound. This restricts their efficiency and limits the vehicle’s full potential. Stock exhausts typically:
  • Must be quiet to suit a broad range of operating conditions.
  • Have a pipe diameter that is limited by costs and ease of manufacturing.
  • Are subject to material quality that is dictated by pricing.
In contrast, cat-back systems are designed to release the full potential of your truck. The term ‘cat-back’ refers to the exhaust section from the catalytic converters all the way back to and including the rear muffler. OEM technical and mechanical requirements do not limit them. And they can be customized to work with a specific truck model instead of just being a generic design. Aftermarket cat-back exhausts typically:
  • Can be designed more efficiently than the stock exhaust – allowing for more airflow and improved exhaust sound.
  • Have a pipe diameter that can vary depending on requirements.
  • Consist of materials and have a build quality that is better than OEM.
  • Can be lighter than OEM systems.
  • Can be optimized to work with specific vehicles.

The Benefits Of A Cat-Back Exhaust On Your Ford Maverick

The freedom to deviate from restrictive OEM requirements makes a cat-back exhaust system more efficient. But only if it is designed properly with top-quality materials. Installing a Thermal R&D aftermarket cat-back exhaust on your Ford Maverick offers the benefits of:

Improved Exhaust Sound

Most truck owners agree: A truck should sound like a truck. A deeper, more aggressive exhaust note will do just that.

I'm very pleased with this [Thermal R&D] exhaust on my Maverick. It is a perfect addition to my truck. Loud enough to let the people around you know you have an exhaust but not so loud as to wake up your neighbors at 4 am. During cruising you can barely hear it inside but it wakes up when you step on it. Definitely not obnoxious but gives the truck a performance sound. Couldn't be happier.  - Paul B.

Increased Performance

Several variables determine whether or not changing the exhaust can improve your truck's horsepower or MPG:
  • The type of engine, whether it's naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged.
  • Increases in the air intake volume, or the air flowing into the engine.
  • Increases in fuel volume due to a larger carburetor, manifold, or fuel injectors.
  • Lower exhaust restriction or increased exhaust flow/volume.

Depending on these variables, installing a less restrictive exhaust on your Maverick can improve horsepower by about three to five percent. You can read more about exhausts and performance here.

The sound is just amazing. Feels like it’s got a little more get up and go now, too.  - Brian D.

Better Materials And A Better Look

Many exhaust manufacturers use 400 series stainless steel to reduce costs and pad their profits. By contrast, our T304 stainless steel systems contain a higher chromium and nickel concentration - materials that make them more heat resistant and less likely to degrade or become brittle when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, the Maverick systems by Thermal offer a range of upgraded tip options that owners can choose from or change over time.

I had it installed at a local shop. The tech commented on the high quality of the exhaust and how well it fit.  - Marco P.

REMEMBER: Not all aftermarket cat-back exhausts are built the same. A badly designed system may not fit correctly, causing damage to the chassis. Some exhausts are just too loud, and many drone when all you want to do is cruise. Picking the right system is crucial.

The Thermal R&D Performance Difference

At Thermal R&D Performance, we have been developing quality aftermarket exhaust systems for decades. The materials we use are generally an upgrade from OE metals, and we incorporate our True Helmholtz Technology to eliminate cabin drone. This eliminates unwanted sound without restricting airflow needed for improved performance.

Competitors often rely on generic silencers or gimmicks that claim to cut out drone without any real knowledge or development involved. Most end up reducing performance and adding weight, or worse yet – adding cost and doing nothing at all. Find out more about this topic by reading our blog on Why Exhaust Drone Silencers Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be.

Maverick Cat-Back Exhausts From Thermal R&D Performance

Maverick exhaust

We now offer Maverick cat-back exhausts in both all-wheel drive (AWD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) configurations. Combined with our five different tip options, we've got you covered. We’ve had decades of experience perfecting exhaust style and technology and have developed custom exhaust systems considered too ‘niche’ by competitors.

It’s not just superior technology that sets us apart. All Thermal R&D exhausts are built right here in the USA out of the highest quality materials. We use T304 stainless steel and mandrel bent tubing. We back all of this engineering with our lifetime warranty.

Don’t deny yourself the perfect blend of sound and performance any longer. Give our team a call today for a cat-back exhaust system that will unleash the potential of your Maverick.

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