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About Us

How We Started 

In 1983, Thermal started as a small muffler shop in Canoga Park, California. As enthusiast demand for American-made exhaust systems grew, so did the scope of our business and the size of our team. Starting with classic cars and then transitioning to import tuner cars in the early 90s, Thermal transitioned from a small shop to a high-quality design and manufacturing business. Today we continue that tradition of catering to discerning enthusiasts while we increase our product offerings to a wide range of vehicles.

How We're Doing

Now utilizing a purpose-built manufacturing and distribution facility in Lancaster, CA, we work daily to improve and grow our offerings. While we now offer a variety of products, we still specialize in high quality bolt-on cat-back exhaust systems that have made Thermal R&D popular around the globe.

Thermal R&D's in-house team of welders, tube benders, and polishers handcraft our tips, resonators, mufflers, and complete bolt-on systems using T304 stainless steel. We meticulously finish the parts to a smooth matte or high-shine finish. Our research and development team is critical in engineering all of our systems to be drone-free using True Helmholtz Technology. Ensuring Thermal R&D exhaust products delivers high performance sound without the drone.

Why Buy From Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance? 

  • Premium quality products and components built from durable, quality materials
  • Manufactured in the USA by a talented team of fabricators and finishers 
  • Helmholtz technology for a drone-free sound

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