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Common Questions People Have About Changing Their Exhaust System

An aftermarket exhaust system can be a great upgrade for your car. It can increase power, enhance the sound and increase efficiency. If you pick the right system. Thermal R&D has decades of experience in building the perfect performance exhausts - for just about any vehicle.

That’s why our experts know everything about what a replacement exhaust system can do for your car. Read on to find out more.

What Does A Cat-Back Exhaust System Do?

Exhaust install

A cat-back exhaust system extends from the catalytic converter right to the back of the car. It includes replacement pipes and mufflers designed to improve exhaust gas flow. This results in enhanced sound and better performance.

Is A Cat-Back Exhaust System Worth Buying?

Done right, a cat-back exhaust system has several benefits:

  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced engine sound
  • Better fuel economy
  • Increased lifespan

 Thermal R&D uses only the best quality materials. That’s why we can offer a lifetime warranty on all our exhaust systems.

Do I Need An Engine Tune After Adding A New Exhaust?

Most cars will not require an engine tune after an exhaust change. Modern Engine Control Units (ECUs) can adapt to some of the increased airflow. But a tune or engine remap will help you get the most out of a new exhaust system.

Will My Engine Run Better After Adding A New Exhaust?

Increase horsepower

Yes. A less restrictive exhaust will allow your engine to breathe easier. This will benefit performance, fuel economy and in some cases can even increase horsepower. You can learn all about how your exhaust can impact your horsepower in this article.

Is A Full Exhaust Better Than Slipping On A New Muffler?

In most cases, yes. A full exhaust system will improve airflow all the way from the exhaust manifold. A muffler will only do this in a single section of the exhaust system. If you want to see the maximum benefit, a full exhaust is the way to go.

Do Exhaust Tips Change The Way An Exhaust System Sounds?

Exhaust tips

No. An exhaust tip is a cosmetic add-on. It will improve the look of your car, but the car’s sound depends on the size and type of exhaust system fitted. Ceramic coated exhaust tips are gaining popularity as of late and offer added corrosion protection as well as a great custom look.

Does A New Exhaust System Improve Fuel Economy?

Aftermarket exhaust systems should improve your fuel economy. They do this by improving exhaust gas flow. This reduces back pressure and improves engine efficiency and miles per gallon (MPG).

What's The Difference Between Cat-Back And Axle-Back?


  • Replacement system from the catalytic converters all the way back
  • Improved performance, sound and fuel economy

Cat-back systems replace everything from the catalytic converters all the way back. This increases airflow throughout the system which improves performance and fuel economy. The exhaust sound will also be louder, but without the drone. Thanks to our "True Helmholtz Technology”.


  • Replacement pipes and muffler from the rear axle back
  • Improves exhaust sound

Axle-back systems only replace the exhaust components from the rear axle back. This usually means a replacement rear muffler. This will improve the exhaust note but performance and fuel economy won’t change much.

Does Changing The Exhaust System Affect The Engine?

Explorer engine

An aftermarket exhaust doesn’t affect the engine components. It will allow the engine to breathe more freely, though. This will result in improved efficiency, especially with an engine tune.

Does An Exhaust System Make A Vehicle Faster?

Generally, yes. An aftermarket exhaust system will improve airflow. It is also usually lighter than an OEM system. Both will contribute to improved vehicle performance. An engine tune or remap will allow the engine to make the most of the increased airflow.

What Exhaust Gives The Most Horsepower?

For the best results a cat-back exhaust system is the way to go. Thermal R&D has been producing drone-free performance exhausts for decades. That’s why you’ll see the best results with one of our specially developed cat-back systems. We even make exhaust systems for cars considered too ‘niche’ by rivals.

All Thermal R&D exhausts are built in the USA out of the highest quality materials. Get in touch with us today to give your car the exhaust system it deserves.

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