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Helmholtz Resonators - What You Need To Know

Thermal R&D Performance has been manufacturing high-quality exhausts since 1983. Each system is developed with True Helmholtz Technology. This gives drone-free sound without compromising on performance. In this article we investigate the technology behind Helmholtz resonators, and we’ll share how decades of development have made us leaders in drone-free performance exhausts.

The Science Behind The Tech

decibel meter

Image Credit: DEWESoft

Hermann von Helmholtz was a German physicist and physician. His experiments with sounds and tones led to the development of an acoustic resonator. This device could isolate specific frequencies from a complex sound. 

That is how the Helmholtz Resonator was born.

The resonator itself is a hollow sphere or cylinder.  Its shape and size determine the frequencies it can isolate. It’s been used in everything from architecture to aircraft to musical instruments. Thermal R&D was one of the first to put this theory to work in aftermarket automotive exhaust systems.

How Does It Work In Practice?

  • Removes drone
  • Improves performance
  • Retains the sound you want

It took years of research to develop drone-free exhaust systems. Creating the perfect size and shape of resonator for each exhaust system is technical. And very time-consuming.

But it’s totally worth it. Isolating the drone allowed us to remove heavy, restrictive mufflers – improving flow and performance. You still get the great sound you want, just without the irritating cabin noise.

Droning On About Drone

Exhaust drone

So, what’s all this talk about drone? It’s that unwanted sound frequency you get in free-flow exhaust at low engine speeds. Usually around 1,800rpm, which also is often the rpm you cruise at. You will hear it as an irritating buzzing or loud humming noise as you cruise along.

Most competitor’s exhausts have audible drone. They use heavy mufflers that restrict flow and barely reduce unwanted noise. True Helmholtz Technology in every one of our exhaust systems eliminates the drone. All without resorting to heavy mufflers or compromised exhaust design.

Ongoing Research And Development

Thermal R&D has been using 'True Helmholtz Technology' for longer than any other exhaust manufacturer. That has given us a big lead when it comes to performance and sound quality. Creating the perfect exhaust requires a lot of technical know-how. And we have been doing it for decades.

But we don’t rest on our achievements. Our product development process is ongoing. We also build exhausts for niche vehicles other exhaust companies don’t bother with. That’s because we’re enthusiasts, just like you.

Thermal R&D exhausts are manufactured in the USA out of the highest quality materials. That’s why we can offer a lifetime warranty. Get in touch with us today to unleash your car's sound...without the drone.

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