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New Honda Accord Exhaust System Added To The Thermal R&D Performance Catalog

Thermal R&D is excited to announce the addition of a complete 3" frontpipe-back exhaust system for 2018+ Honda Accord owners!

At Thermal R&D Performance we've been manufacturing handcrafted exhaust systems, mufflers, resonators, and tips since the 90's and our catalog has continued to grow and improve with each passing year. Now we're proud to offer another new addition: This aggressive 2018+ Honda Accord frontpipe-back 3" exhaust system. This new offering is available with four polished tips or black ceramic-coated exhaust tips and produces an aggressive sound with a 3-inch splitting to 2.5-inch pipes. It's compatible with both the 1.5T and 2.0T engines and doesn’t require any cutting or welding. 

Honda Accord Exhausts Are In Demand 

Honda accord 3 inch exhaust

Chuck Asher, Partner and Design Engineer at Thermal R&D, explains the addition of the 3" Honda exhaust:

Our Honda Accord system with the 2.5-inch splitting to the 2-and-a-quarter-inch has been popular for a couple of years, we decided to build a more aggressive option. With the increased tube size and great tuning, Honda Accord drivers can gain a deeper sound on acceleration without the nuisance of drone while cruising.

Like all Thermal R&D Performance products, the new Honda Accord exhaust system is designed and built using T304 steel, mandrel tube bending, and the precision of Thermal’s True Helmholtz Technology. The result is a higher flowing exhaust that releases a throaty, aggressive growl when you put your right foot down while greatly reducing cabin drone.

We have spent years engineering and perfecting the sound profile drivers expect from Thermal R&D exhaust systems,” Asher says. “Some manufacturers say they’re cancelling drone, but when you get into larger diameter exhaust systems, like this 3-inch option, you can’t fake it.

New Honda Accord Exhaust Features

Honda accord exhaust

Additional features of this new Thermal R&D Performance frontpipe-back Honda Accord exhaust system include:

• Brushed finish rear Helmholtz Chambers
• Brushed finish mufflers
• Mill finish frontpipe, tubing and resonator
• All hardware and clamps are included
• Manufactured in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty

Check out the video below to get an overview of the labor and tools involved in the installation process:

The rich-sounding frontpipe-back exhaust system for 2018+ Honda Accord models complements the vehicle’s 1.5T and 2.0T engines and enriches the Accord's clean sound. You can compare the sound to the stock exhaust below:

The Thermal R&D team focuses on innovative design, high quality materials and superior manufacturing techniques to deliver great sound, peak performance, and stylish exhaust systems. Whether you choose polished or black-ceramic coated tips, this exhaust will stand-out as one of your Accord's best exterior features – and the slant-cut, dual exit tips will look great for years.

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