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Exhaust Drone Silencers Aren't All They're Cracked Up To Be

Aftermarket exhausts can produce a great sound and even improve performance - but sometimes the cost is an irritating drone at low revs.

To eliminate drone, many systems utilize big generic silencers, and some owners try using sound-deadening materials. (Learn why sound-deadening is a bad idea in this post.) But like any one-size-fits-all solution, an oversized, generic silencer won’t really solve your drone issues. Read on to find out why.

Why Universal Silencers Aren’t A Good Solution

Exhaust silencer

A free-flow exhaust system reduces back pressure and improves airflow. Benefits can include better performance, lower fuel consumption and a great sound - but ONLY if it’s done right.

Many aftermarket exhaust manufacturers use a generic silencer, which works...some of the time. They don’t take into consideration the unique airflow requirements of your vehicle.To make these silencers work on several models, they are made bigger to try to absorb more noise. These large silencer chambers are heavy and reduce airflow. They also cool the exhaust gases down. All of these factors result in less power and a slower car.

So, any benefits are down to pure luck. One-size-fits-all silencers reduce flow and add more weight than necessary - all while only eliminating some of the drone.

That’s why many owners report worse acceleration times with a generic silencer. And the drone is never truly eliminated. Sure, a big silencer can reduce some of the drone. But do you really want to go slower and sacrifice fuel economy?

Eliminate Exhaust Drone The Proper Way

Exhaust resonator

Using a drone eliminator or silencer that wasn’t made for your exhaust is never a good idea. The best solution is to invest in a professionally designed exhaust system WITH True Helmholtz Technology.

The Advantages Of Helmholtz Technology

  • Truly and effectively eliminates drone
  • Doesn’t restrict (or prematurely cool) the airflow
  • Retains the rich exhaust sound you want
  • Improves overall performance

Drone is always annoying. It’s especially noticeable at low rpms - which is where you spend a lot of your time while driving. Thermal R&D Performance exhausts use advanced True Helmholtz Technology. It completely eliminates drone with no drop in performance. Have a rare or unique model? We will fabricate a custom exhaust system for you.

We have been manufacturing premium-quality exhausts for decades. All our products are manufactured in the USA and sold with a lifetime warranty. Each exhaust system is built to fit your specific vehicle. No one-size-fits-all solutions here. We also manufacture exhaust tips, resonators and mufflers for a wide range of vehicles

So contact our team today to find the perfect drone-free exhaust for your car.

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