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How An Upgraded Exhaust Affects Your Engine

Upgrading an exhaust can make a big difference in how a car drives and sounds. But how does an aftermarket exhaust system work? And what does it do to your engine?

If you have ever wondered about the more technical aspects of an exhaust upgrade, this blog will help you understand how it affects your car.

The Different Types Of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Thermal Exhaust System

An exhaust system is designed to expel the exhaust gases created by the combustion process. The catalytic converter in the exhaust system cleans the exhaust gases as they pass through it. OEM exhausts need to meet specific noise regulations and manufacturer cost requirements.

Aftermarket exhausts still need to expel and clean the gases, but there is more leeway in how they are designed to look, sound and perform. The two major types of aftermarket systems are:

  • Cat-Back Exhausts – a replacement system from the catalytic converters back to and including the muffler and tailpipes
  • Axle-Back Exhausts - Replacement pipes and muffler from the rear axle back.

We cover the differences between these two types below, but for even more in-depth information, read our blog about them here.

What Does An Aftermarket Exhaust System Do?

Aftermarket Exhaust

Aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to remove the restrictions built into stock exhausts. This reduces back pressure and increases airflow. It’s like using a larger diameter straw to blow air through. You can expel more air more quickly with the same effort.

For your engine, the net result is increased efficiency. But the increased airflow affects your car in other ways, too. 

How Does An Upgraded Exhaust System Affect Your Car?

Honda Exhaust

It is always best to go with a full cat-back system to get the best results from your aftermarket exhaust. This replaces everything from the catalytic converters all the way back. An axle-back system only replaces the rear muffler. This will increase and improve the exhaust sound but won’t do much more than that.

What A Cat-Back Exhaust System Does

Catback exhaust

  • Improves performance – lower back pressure allows the engine to breathe more efficiently. This means that you won’t have to press the gas pedal as hard for the same performance. The increased gas airflow allows the engine to produce more power. This translates into better acceleration.
  • Increases exhaust sound – a larger diameter exhaust pipe will allow more of the exhaust sound out. This can sometimes result in a droning sound at low speeds. That’s why all our exhaust systems use Drone Free True Helmholtz Technology. Leaving the enhanced sound without the drone.

What Does The Exhaust Do To Your Engine?

Engine Bay

A combustion engine needs fuel and air to work. An aftermarket exhaust system improves the flow rate of exhaust gases leaving the engine. To make the most of the benefits mentioned above, a less restrictive intake and ECU remapping can optimize the performance of the engine.

A properly designed aftermarket exhaust will not damage your engine. It will actually allow it to perform better by removing the restrictions in the original system. On the other hand, poorly designed exhausts made from inferior materials can result in worse performance and an unpleasant drone. That’s why you should only stick to proven aftermarket suppliers. Who sell quality parts with a warranty.

Thermal R&D Performance Exhausts Are The Real Deal

Thermal Exhausts

Thermal Research and Development has been in business since 1983. Our Drone Free True Helmholtz Technology sets us apart from the competition. As does our lifetime warranty.

Every exhaust we make is manufactured from premium materials, here in the USA. True Helmholtz Technology removes the drone that plagues so many aftermarket exhausts. And you still benefit from the enhanced power, sound, and fuel economy. The performance of our cat-back exhaust system will make you wonder why you didn’t replace your stock exhaust sooner.

Contact our exhaust experts today and get the drone-free exhaust your car needs to perform at its best.

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