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Ford Bronco Snow Day

The Ford Bronco has already proven itself to be a great off-roading SUV, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from a few choice upgrades. YouTuber Tyler Clark decided to take his wife’s Bronco out for a snow-packed day of fun in 40-acres of stunning woodland in Kansas City - and we get to go along for the ride.

Bronco In The Snow

Ford bronco exhaust

The narrow trails and rutted paths are usually used by four-wheelers and dirt bikes, but despite some deep snow and a few obstacles along the way, the Bronco handled every challenge thrown at it. It certainly helped that Tyler had grown up in the area, but the off-roading abilities of the Bronco were never in doubt.

It’s wild that they’ll sell this just as a factory vehicle…the stuff that you can do with this thing is incredible

-Tyler Clark

Clearly Tyler was impressed with the Bronco’s performance. But like any enthusiast, he has already made a few mods to the truck to make it that much better.

Even The Best Trucks Need A Mod Or Two

Aside from modifying the blow-off valve to vent into the air, he also installed our Thermal R&D cat-back exhaust system. The performance benefits of a properly-designed performance exhaust have to be felt to be believed, but you can enjoy the enhanced exhaust sound simply by watching the awesome video above.

Tyler does plenty of upgrades to vehicles in his shop, and he certainly appreciated our exhaust’s simple bolt-on installation which makes it an easy install for anyone with a set of basic tools. This system has been designed to fit both two- and four-door 2.7-liter Broncos, and can be had with a polished steel or ceramic coated exhaust tip.

Full bronco exhaust

The exhaust is built from strong 304 stainless steel and backed by a lifetime warranty, making a day out in the snow a walk in the park for this exhaust. We use mandrel tube bending to give the exhaust a professional OEM-style look. And every Thermal R&D exhaust comes with our Drone Free True Helmholtz Technology, so you get all the sound with none of the drone. Tyler Clark's Bronco setup specs include:

Upgrade Your Bronco With A Thermal R&D Exhaust System

Bronco Exhaust

Every Thermal R&D exhaust is designed with Drone Free True Helmholtz Technology. This eliminates the drone you get in many aftermarket systems. We have been perfecting this technology for over 40-years, and all our systems are manufactured in the USA from premium materials and come with a lifetime warranty.

Upgrade your Bronco with our premium exhaust systems today and experience the difference for yourself. Call our team or get in touch online and upgrade your Bronco today.

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