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New Exhaust System For 5.0L V8 F-150 Gives Aggressive Sound Without Drone

F150 Exhaust

Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance has unveiled a catback exhaust system for 2021 and newer Ford F-150 trucks equipped with 5.0L V8 engines. The system features a deep, aggressive exhaust note without any of the drone found in most performance exhaust systems. Offering multiple exhaust tip options, this catback exhaust system is engineered to enhance the sound, appearance, and performance of the F-150.

F150 Exhaust Tips

Larger Tubing and True Helmholtz Technology Blends A Deep Exhaust Note With Minimal Drone

This product is engineered for F-150 owners who want to elevate the aesthetics, acoustics, and performance of their vehicle, without requiring an exhaustive off-road modification. Our focus is not on being the loudest but on offering the best sounding exhaust system without any annoying drone.

Matt Wilkerson

President, Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance

While many performance exhaust systems have a loud drone at lower RPMs that can make highway driving uncomfortable, Thermal R&D exhaust systems feature True Helmholz technology that eliminates drone. Using a computer engineered 3 chamber muffler and Helmholtz resonator, this system offers all the benefits of performance exhaust system:

F150 Exhaust

  • 3-inch Mandrel Bent Tubing for maximum exhaust flow, boosting horsepower and torque
  • Two Finish Options - polished or black ceramic coated
  • Tip Style Options - choose dual tip or larger single tip
  • Manufactured in the USA - crafted in California using T304 stainless steel for industry-leading durability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - this catback system includes the Thermal R&D Exhaust warranty

Our True Helmholtz Technology is a game-changer for truck and SUV owners. It addresses the common issue of cabin drone without sacrificing any exhaust system performance.

Matt Wilkerson

Each Thermal R&D catback exhaust system is manufactured from premium materials and designed with precision. Designed to amplify the sound and performance of Ford’s Coyote V8, the exhaust retains the factory catalytic converter for trouble-free ownership and features:

  • A Lifetime Warranty That Provides Peace of Mind
  • Easy Bolt On Installation - No Modifications Necessary
  • Manufactured in the USA - Supports Local Jobs
  • T304 Stainless Steel Construction Provides Long Lasting Durability and Corrosion Resistance
  • Sound Enhancement - More Aggressive Exhaust Note For Your V8

About Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance

F150 Exhaust

With a focus on drone-free exhaust engineering, Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance has become a leader in producing high-quality, bolt-on cat-back exhaust systems. Since its inception in 1983 as a small muffler shop, the company has grown and developed a team of specialists. Headquartered in Lancaster, California, each system is carefully tuned and tested, built by their in-house team, and backed by a lifetime warranty. Learn more at Thermal R&D Performance.

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