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Cat-Back Exhaust For New Ford Bronco Now Available At Thermal R&D Performance!

The expert team of enthusiasts, fabricators and engineers at Thermal R&D Performance are excited to announce the addition of a complete 2021+ Ford Bronco cat-back exhaust system to their catalog of high-performance exhaust products. This bolt-on exhaust system is available with a simple mill-finished turn down rear-exit muffler as well as a ceramic coated version. Similar options are available for the tips. The benefits of upgrading to this exhaust include:

  • An Easy DIY Install - No Drilling or Cutting, Uses Factory Hangers
  • It's Made From Durable 304 Stainless Steel And Backed By A Lifetime Warranty
  • It Offers Premium Quality At An Affordable Price
  • Carefully Designed To Hug Vehicle Frame, Maximizing Ground Clearance
  • Manufactured in the USA

Like all Thermal R&D Performance products, the new Ford Bronco exhaust products are built using T304 steel, mandrel tube bending, and the precision of Thermal’s True Helmholtz Technology, which attacks cabin drone while allowing for aggressive exhaust sound on acceleration. 

A note about the newcomer from Chuck Asher, Design Engineer at Thermal R&D:

“Like we do with all our exhaust projects, we focus on the driver and passenger experience once we’ve landed on the sound and performance characteristics. We considered the profile of the Bronco driver who looks forward to weekend off-roading and likely uses it as their daily driver. Sound is a big factor, as well as using quality materials to ensure long-term durability. The difference between the base model and the ceramic coated muffler is the improved heat reduction with the coating and, of course, aesthetics, but both are made with T304 Stainless Steel to avoid corrosion” says Asher. “They are both equally great sounding systems, with several unique tip options and upgrades.”

About Thermal R&D

What began as a small, muffler shop in 1983 has grown into the premier parts and systems manufacturer known as Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance. We build truly drone-free cat back exhaust systems and were the first manufacturer to offer 3-inch exhaust system for turbocharged four-cylinder vehicles and were quick to offer turndown options for off-roading and low-clearance vehicles. Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance products:

  • Use True Helmholtz Technology to deliver crisp, clean drone-free sounds.
  • Are long-lasting, quality parts and systems that are handcrafted using T304 stainless steel and mandrel tube bending techniques.
  • Are manufactured in the USA and include a lifetime warranty.

The new cat-back exhaust system for the 2021 and up Ford Bronco complements the vehicle’s 2.7-liter engine and offers a clean sound, you can listen to here. Thermal R&D Exhaust Performance’s design follows the high-clearance layout of the original design, allowing overlanders and weekend adventurers peace of mind. Both exhaust system options require no cutting or welding and do not alter the emissions system on the vehicle.

Whether you drive a Honda Civic, a Dodge Challenger, a Ford Bronco, or another vehicle, you deserve the highest quality exhaust system. Thermal R&D Performance products deliver the highest level of performance for the life of your vehicle.

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